Running Late, ‘The Wild Moose’ Stops, Scratches, Wins

“The Wild Moose” and his wife of Carroll County are all smiles after a $50,000 win on the $50,000 Diamonds! scratch-off.

Union Bridge player picks up top-prize win in $50,000 Diamonds! game

Maryland Lottery wins in the three- and four-digit totals (or more) were elusive for “The Wild Moose” of Carroll County. His son and a work colleague boasted of such winnings, but the loyal player just couldn’t seem to hit for more than about $50.

That all changed on April 6. An excavation contractor with a working knowledge of how to repair the necessary machinery, “The Wild Moose” was running late on his way to help a friend fix a piece of equipment. That delay helped the Union Bridge man get an unexpected $50,000 payday! The 48-year-old stopped at 7-Eleven #28956 at 120 South Main Street in Union Bridge to pick up some iced tea for his friend to make up for arriving later than planned.

“I figured I’d pick up a couple of tickets,” he said. Among the instant tickets was a $5 scratch-off, the $50,000 Diamonds! game. “I scratched them right on the lot and freaked out!”

To verify his top-prize win, “The Wild Moose” used the Maryland Lottery app on his smartphone to scan the scratch-off.

“I sent a picture to my wife and she said, ‘Is that a joke? Is that a joke?’ ” His $50,000 surprise was no joke. His wife burst into tears of joy.

At lunchtime, “The Wild Moose” and his friend returned to the 7-Eleven and had the clerk check the scratch-off at a time when there were few customers in the store.

“She looked at the scanner and her eyes got big,” recalls “The Wild Moose.” The employee was the same clerk who had sold him the hot instant ticket so he tipped her $100.

With his winnings, “The Wild Moose” and his wife plan to do mobile home repairs. He also will pay off his Harley-Davidson motorcycle. A celebration dinner is in negotiations; “The Wild Moose” wants steak while she would prefer sushi.

Sharing in the luck of “The Wild Moose” is the 7-Eleven where he bought the instant ticket. For selling a $50,000 top-prize winning scratch-off, the store will receive a bonus of $500 from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.