‘S. Dot’ Cries Tears of Joy after $50,000 Surprise Scratch-off Win

This Baltimore mom plans to invest her $50,000 Ca$h Bonus prize.

Itchy hands inspired Baltimore player to buy Ca$h Bonus instant ticket

A Baltimore mom who loves playing Lottery scratch-offs for fun has won a number of $500 prizes over the years but nothing in the five-figure range. When “S. Dot,” as she dubbed herself for the story of her big win, revealed a whopping $50,000 prize in the Ca$h Bonus game, she simply couldn’t hold back her tears of joy.

The 42-year-old found her lucky instant ticket at Royal Farms #033, located at 2050 Fleet Street in Baltimore. “S. Dot” favors Royal Farms retailers because she prefers to buy scratch-offs from their Lottery vending machines. When she entered the store, “S. Dot” said both of her palms began itching. She took that as a sign and bought five scratch-offs including two Ravens scratch-offs, two Ca$h Bonus scratch-offs and one $30 game.

One game yielded a $500 prize and “S. Dot” happily moved on to what would become her super lucky Ca$h Bonus instant ticket. She initially scratched off a small part of the instant ticket and thought she won $10,000. After a second look, “S. Dot” saw an additional $10,000 in three places.

“I began to cry,” the happy winner said. She immediately called her husband to share her news and he couldn’t believe it. She also shared the story of her big win with her mother and children. When asked of her plans for her prize, “S. Dot” said she plans to invest it.

The Ca$h Bonus scratch-off went on sale in August and still has lots of big prizes remaining, including five $100,000 top prizes and five more $50,000 prizes.