Salisbury Veteran Credits Help from “Upstairs” for $100,000 Win

Clarence Johnson - Big Play Crossword_webU.S. Army veteran Clarence Johnson of Salisbury, joined by daughter Deborah Flow (right) and friend Quintella Scott, celebrate his $100,000 win on a Big Play Crossword scratch–off.

Claims top prize on Maryland Lottery’s Big Play Crossword scratch-off

Clarence Johnson, 80, often visits an old friend who owns a Salisbury convenience store and sits outside with his buddy, watching the world go by. On one such day, his eyes were drawn inside the store, rather than outside, and that change of perspective made the 21-year U.S. Army veteran $100,000 richer.

“I noticed someone inside playing three straight scratch tickets and each one was a winner,” said the Salisbury resident. A loyal Maryland Lottery draw game player, he rarely plays scratch-offs. “I figured that I’d try one or two myself.”

Clarence followed the same routine he uses when checking his Lottery numbers. He said he made a request to the “man upstairs” for luck before scratching the Big Play Crossword tickets he bought at the Salisbury 7-Eleven.

“I was surprised when it looked like I’d won $100,000, but I wasn’t completely sure it was real,” said the father of four. Clarence quickly called one of his daughters to share the news. Together, they confirmed the $100,000 win and made plans to visit Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

“There was a small part of me that sort of expected the win, though,” he said. “Whenever I’m in a jam or need to help someone else with money, it eventually comes to me.”

His lucky scratch-off win occurred at 7-Eleven #23767 at 516 Spring Hill Road in Salisbury and he attributes his good fortune to help from above. What are his plans for his prize? Clarence said only that he will put his winnings to good use.

For selling the top-prize scratch-off, the 7-Eleven will receive a $1,000 bonus from the Maryland Lottery. Try your luck with this instant ticket, which still has four $100,000 top prizes awaiting discovery.