Salisbury Woman Plays Big to Win Big with Keno

Claims $10,000 prize on popular Maryland Lottery game

“Why do I like to play an eight spot when I play Keno?” That’s the question a Maryland Lottery Keno winner from Salisbury posed to herself and quickly answered after claiming her $10,000 prize at Lottery headquarters. “When I play Keno, which is my favorite Lottery game to play, I like to play big because I may win big,” the 39-year-old told Lottery officials, chuckling.

Winning big is just what this Eastern Shore native did while hanging out with her BFF of eight years. The pair shared a booth at the Goose Creek Convenience Store in Princess Anne. They were shooting the breeze and playing Keno to pass the time when Lottery luck appeared.

Our winner noticed that a few of her randomly picked numbers were popping up on the Keno screen. “It immediately caught my attention,” she said. “All of my numbers started to appear. That’s when I started getting excited. When the last two numbers came up, which were 75 and then 79, I went numb and then I screamed so loud that you could probably hear me down the street.”

The happy player said she has never won a prize this large before.

“This couldn’t have happened to a better person,” said a friend who accompanied the winner to Lottery headquarters. “I’m just so happy for her because she’s a great person who looks out for others.”

The lucky lady plans to pay bills with her winnings and travel with her boyfriend via motorcycle to neighboring states. Her winning Keno numbers in the Sept. 17 game were 02, 09, 19, 55, 73, 74, 75 and 79. The Goose Creek # 12 Convenience Store is located at 30293 Mount Vernon Road in Somerset County.