Sandwich Combo Order Satisfies Hunger for Lottery Win

James and Michelle Stein - I Heart Crossword_web (1)Placing an order for a sandwich and I Heart Crossword scratch-off combo delivered a $30,000 tasty top prize to James and Michelle Stein of Edgewood.

Couple claims $30,000 I Heart Crossword top prize

A barbeque sandwich and scratch-off order certainly satisfied an Edgewood couple’s hunger for a heart-healthy Maryland Lottery win – for now!

The Liquor Pump in Baltimore delivered a $30,000 winning order to James and Michelle Stein after she requested the sandwich and an I Heart Crossword scratch-off. The Harford County resident scratched her ticket in the store and soon realized that she got her $3 scratch-off investment back 10,000 times over.

Overwhelmed and excited, the mother of two called her husband James and asked if he were sitting down. James, an avid Maryland Lottery player, buys tickets for Mega Millions three to four times a week. “I just told her to relax,” the 50-year-old said. When she arrived home with the ticket in hand, the two of them reviewed the scratch-off 10 times to make sure they had won.

The excitement continued even after they got on the road to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. They endured several terrifying moments en route because Michelle misplaced the ticket in the car. They did find it, of course, but only after fearing the $30,000 top-prize ticket was forever lost!

Michelle, who owns a cleaning company, plans to buy a new carpet and put some of the winnings into savings. James, a construction worker of 32 years, wants to buy a new pipe for his wood-burning stove. Their sons may also benefit from the win, they said.

Want to visit Michelle’s lucky store? The Liquor Pump is located at 8535 Old Harford Road in Baltimore. For selling the winning ticket, the retailer will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery.