School Employee Weeps with Joy Over $50,000 Lottery Win

Bowie woman claims top prize on Hit the Jackpot scratch-off

Hit The JackpotA Maryland public school employee didn’t really believe she’d won $50,000 on a Maryland Lottery scratch-off even after she filled out the claim form at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. But when the Bowie woman sat down in the Winner’s Lounge to tell her story, the reality of her win hit and the lucky lady wept with joy at her good fortune.

“You don’t believe it until you come here,” said the mother of two. She bought the lucky Hit the Jackpot scratch-off on a Friday from Hilltop Wine & Spirits in Bowie and was alone when she revealed the $50,000 win in her car. Dubious, because she had misread scratch-offs before, the loyal player phoned one of her friends for help. She called repeatedly without getting an answer and even sent a photo of the ticket in hopes of getting a second set of eyes to confirm the win.

“I thought it was a mistake,” she said.

Unfortunately, her trusted friend was on a plane and didn’t receive the calls or the photo until after the plane landed! The happy 53-year-old hid the $20 ticket in her purse and her car all weekend, checking the scratch-off repeatedly to make sure it was safe and sound. And, her friend accompanied her to Lottery headquarters to help her claim the prize.

The Prince George’s County resident plans to spend her $50,000 prize on bills and helping her adult daughter with her college tuition bill. Still awaiting discovery in the stores is a $1 million top-prize ticket and one more $50,000 second-level winning ticket. Her lucky Prince George’s County retailer, Hilltop Wine & Spirits, is located at 6814 Racetrack Road in Bowie.