Scratch-off Delivers $30,000 Birthday Surprise to Clinton Mom

Claims top prize on Instant Keno game

245-Instant-Keno-ITVM_P1-greenA 35-year-old Clinton resident who always buys a Maryland Lottery instant ticket for her birthday unwrapped a sweet surprise this year – a $30,000 top-prize win!

The property manager plays scratch-offs every now and then, she said, following no fixed schedule except for her birthday. That tradition, while always adding fun to her big day, this year added a whole lot more.

The mother of two stopped at the Clinton Apex Service Center in her hometown for a snack while out and about on Friday. With her big day fast approaching, she decided the time was right to get her birthday Lottery scratch-off. She selected the $3 Instant Keno game and took it home to play that night.

“I scratched it in the bedroom,” the winner said. “When I saw all the matches I just went crazy. I was shouting! I was jumping! My boyfriend and two sons came running, wondering what the heck had happened.”

Having seen the Instant Keno game on the Lottery’s website, she knew what those matches meant. “They wouldn’t believe me when I told them we’d won $30,000!”

The family slept very well over the weekend, enjoying the sudden reduction in stress that the $30,000 Instant Keno win delivered. The Prince George’s County woman will take care of family bills and a few home improvement projects with her prize.

The Lottery retailer located at 9707 Brandywine Road in Clinton receives a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize ticket in the game. Our winner claimed the first of the four $30,000 top prizes in the game, which also has more than 600,000 prizes of $3 to $10,000 remaining.