Scratch-off Fans Experience Winners’ Deja Vu

Towson couple wins second $50,000 prize playing same game

Talk about your Maryland Lottery winners’ déjà vu! A Towson healthcare professional visited Lottery headquarters this week to claim a prize she knows well, won playing a scratch-off game she knows well, that she purchased from a store she knows well.

How did Mrs. Lucky and her husband gain this familiarity? The $50,000 prize they picked up is the second one they’ve won playing the $2,000,000 Fortune instant ticket. The same lucky Lottery retailer is Taylor Avenue Citgo in Baltimore.

“We just love this game,” were among the first words the two said after entering the Lottery Winner’s Circle. The $30 scratch-off has delivered several $500 and $200 wins in addition to the two $50,000 prizes.

“Between the two of us, we probably play five times a week, always scratch-offs,” Mrs. Lucky said, “and since March, it’s been exclusively $2,000,000 Fortune.”

Good fortune first found the Towson duo two months ago. Mr. Lucky tried the game after he stopped to buy gas at the Citgo. “It was a stunner to be sure, the biggest Lottery win of our lives,” he said. The winning streak started that day. “I literally said to myself, ‘You’ve got to be kidding’ when I saw the matches that delivered the $50,000 win on Friday. My wife just kept saying, ‘Again, again?’ ’’

They plan to eliminate debt with this big prize and keep an eye out for the family’s favorite game each time they stop at their lucky Citgo, which is located at 900 Taylor Avenue in Baltimore. The couple vows to return to Lottery headquarters with a $2 million top-prize winning scratch-off!

There are plenty of prizes of all sizes remaining in the $2,000,000 Fortune game. Players can look for four $2 million top prizes, 12 $50,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $30 to $5,000.