Scratch-off Luck Finds Rosedale Retiree

Claims Dominoes instant ticket’s $30,000 top prize

A Rosedale man told Maryland Lottery officials that he buys a scratch-off or two just about every day as part of his routine since retirement. While he stuck to that routine last Friday, the 74-year-old reports that the results of his Lottery purchase were far from routine. He won a $30,000 top prize on a Dominoes scratch-off.

“I picked out a bingo ticket, a crossword ticket and Dominoes, my favorite games,” said the former office clerk. “Once I was back home with my cup of coffee, I played them.” 

The happy player couldn’t believe his eyes when he scratched off the Dominoes game.

“My wife was at work, but before I told her I won, I just had to be sure. I’ve joked with her too often about winning a Lottery prize – I couldn’t get this wrong!”   

The Baltimore County man returned to Triple A Tobacco in Nottingham, where he had purchased his Dominoes instant ticket that morning. He kept his fingers crossed the whole way. Happily, the staff at the store located at 7954 Belair Road confirmed his big win and sent him on his way smiling over his newfound wealth.

“I went straight to my wife’s office and, just as I expected, she didn’t believe me,” he said. Finally convinced of his good fortune, his wife joined him in celebrating the $30,000 win.

The management at Triple A Tobacco will receive a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize winning ticket in the game. This is the third top prize claimed in the Dominoes game, leaving five more to be found. The $3 instant ticket, which went on sale in June 2018, also has six $1,000 prizes awaiting discovery.