Scratch-off Player Listens to Mom, Wins $10,000!

This “Once in A Lifetime” scratch-off winner from Baltimore collected a $10,000 prize on the Magic Number Bingo scratch-off game.

Finds lucky Magic Number Bingo instant ticket

Listening to your mother is often a wise decision, as “Once in A Lifetime” found out when he heeded his mother’s advice on which Maryland Lottery scratch-off to buy. The Baltimore man ended up a $10,000 winner!

“My mom told me to buy the Magic Number Bingo scratch-off,” said the 43-year-old. He walked into the Luckies Market at 2502 Eutaw Place in Baltimore and did exactly that, buying several scratch-offs for her and one for himself. His $5 instant ticket carried the $10,000 prize.

Not sure how much he had won, the son asked the retailer. He was told to head to Lottery headquarters to claim a prize of more than $500. He scanned his ticket at headquarters and its scanner revealed his lucky scratch-off was worth $10,000!

The happy winner plans to share his prize with his mom, of course, because she gave him the best advice, and will also share some of the winnings with other close family members. “I guess I will have to continue to take my mom’s advice from here on out!” he said.