Scratch-Off Queen Celebrates 2nd Big Lottery Win

 Joyce Harris - Money Multiplier_webJoyce Harris of Fort Washington won $50,000 on a Money Multiplier scratch-off purchased at Thirsty’s Wine & Spirits in Oxon Hill.

Claims $50,000 Prize on Money Multiplier Scratch-Off

A Prince George’s County resident dubbed the scratch-off queen by friends and colleagues just added a new jewel to her crown of Maryland Lottery wins. Joyce Harris claimed a $50,000 prize on a Money Multiplier scratch-off ticket.

The Fort Washington resident experienced Deja vu when she scratched off her winning ticket. About four years ago in April, she won $10,000 on a scratch-off bought after she booked a cruise vacation. April has rolled around again and she just recently booked another cruise vacation. Imagine her surprise when another winning scratch-off put her back in the Winner’s Lounge at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore!

The 61-year-old buys scratch-offs to keep occupied while getting her hair styled and when bowling with friends. On a recent Saturday, the mother of two adult children bought five tickets from an Oxon Hill retailer. While sitting in the stylist’s chair, she began scratching a $20 Money Multiplier ticket and matched one of the winning numbers for $10,000. Joyce, thinking her eyes were deceiving her, promptly showed the ticket to her stylist to confirm the win. She continued scratching, revealed the 5X multiplier, and the two women began to scream with joy as soon as they realized the ticket’s prize had soared to $50,000.

“I wanted to leave the parlor, but my hair was only half done,” Joyce said. Her excitement was so great she shared the news immediately with her husband of 35 years.

Joyce has worked as a consultant at Deloitte, a financial and accounting consulting firm, for 13 years, and her husband is a retired federal government employee. The two have already mapped out their plans for the windfall. Most of the prize will go into their savings accounts. They also plan to pay off some bills, give some money to their 32-year-old daughter and 29-year-old son and allocate the rest to her much-anticipated cruise vacation.

Want to try to repeat her luck? Joyce bought her winning ticket at Thirsty’s Wine & Spirits located at 6191 Oxon Hill Road in Oxon Hill.