Scratch-off ‘Scrabble Queen’ Finds Top-Prize Winning Word

This Port Deposit “Scrabble Queen” happily claimed the top prize in the Scrabble scratch-off.

Takes home $20,000 prize

A Port Deposit woman who walked into her favorite Maryland Lottery retailer looking for scratch-offs had already checked the Lottery app to see which ones were new. However, her $20,000 top-prize win came not with a new game but with the $2 Scrabble scratch-off that went on sale in September.

The self-dubbed “Scrabble Queen” found her winning instant ticket at Landhope Farms in Port Deposit. “I love to play Scrabble and decided to try my luck,” said the scratch-off fan. Her winning word, “serenade,” appeared as the eighth and final word on her game board. “I play faithfully, but have never hit big like this before!”

The Cecil County mom plans to use the winnings toward her children’s college education fund and the purchase of a car.

Her lucky Lottery retailer, Landhope Farms located at 1252 Jacob Tome Highway, is also a winner. For selling a top-prize scratch-off, the store will receive a $200 bonus from the Lottery.

The Scrabble game still has three top prizes remaining along with thousands of others ranging from $2 to $1,000.