Scratch-off Serves Up Big Win for Baltimore Waiter

Baltimore waiter Bairon Arevalo Garcia celebrates the top-prize win he found playing the $50,000 Bonus Cash scratch game.

Fourth player to claim $50,000 Bonus Cash game’s top prize     

He’s a once-a-week player, Bairon Arevalo Garcia of Baltimore told Maryland Lottery officials when he claimed his top-prize winning $50,000 Bonus Cash scratch-off prize at  Lottery headquarters. The 26-year-old waiter, a native of Guatelama, couldn’t say why last Monday was the day he picked to play an instant ticket but he’s grateful fate took charge of his schedule.

“I was out shopping, about to return home, when I saw the Lottery sign in the liquor store,” he said. He also has no explanation for his choice of the $5 game. “I can’t tell you why I played this game. I just picked it out.” One thing Bairon can describe with absolute accuracy is his reaction when he uncovered his $50,000 win.

“I couldn’t believe it at first,” he said. “I just stared at the ticket – at the front, at the back. It seemed impossible.”

Family members contacted by phone also expressed disbelief. Bairon’s brother, who accompanied him to claim the prize, told Lottery officials, “I didn’t believe it, but then I could somehow ‘hear’ the shaking, the tremors in his voice. I knew it was real then.”

Bairon and his family will share the newfound Lottery luck and are discussing a family vacation. Also sharing in the fun is Lottery retailer 8 Days A Week at 1700 Taylor Avenue in Parkville. The store earns a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a $50,000 top-prize scratch-off. Plenty of other winning instant tickets remain in the $50,000 Bonus Cash game,  which has delivered $50,000 wins to four players and has four more unclaimed top prizes.