Scratch-off Sisters’ 2nd Mega Lottery Win Feels like a Dream

Montgomery County gals claim $1 million prize on Monopoly™ scratch-off

252-Monopoly-ITVMThe Maryland Lottery made two lucky sisters’ dreams of a huge win come true twice! They just claimed the $1 million top prize on the Monopoly scratch-off.

The Montgomery County pair has now claimed two large Lottery prizes only a few years apart. The journey to their latest win began when one of the lucky sisters had $165 worth of winning scratch-offs to cash. The duo visited Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine to claim their prizes. While there, the scratch-off sisters decided to buy several more instant tickets, including $5 The Price is Right® and $10 Blingo Bingo tickets and, of course, the lucky $20 Monopoly scratch-off..

When the Montgomery Village residents buy tickets together, they never like to get the same scratch-offs. This time was no different. One sister bought the Monopoly instant ticket while the other bought The Price is Right game. Guess who made the better choice!

The 54-year-old and 60-year-old women scratched their tickets off together as soon as they arrived home. Seeing she had a $1 million winning scratch-off in hand, one sibling started screaming in excitement. “Pinch me, this must be a dream,” she said. The winner kept her ticket stashed under her computer at home, not even letting her sister touch it until they could claim the prize together at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

One lucky sister is already enjoying retirement, which was made possible a year and a half ago by their previous big scratch-off win. The other sister has invested more than a dozen years in her current job as a systems engineer. Both plan to consult a financial adviser about investing some of their prize after they pay off debt, help family members out financially and have fun with the money. One sister is planning a European cruise and buying new home appliances. The other sister has her eye on the 2016 Lexus ES 350.

Goshen Plaza Beer & Wine located at 9150 Rothbury Drive in Gaithersburg also shares in the action. The Lottery gives the retailer a $1,000 bonus for selling the top-prize ticket in the game.

One $1 million prize-winning scratch-off remains unclaimed in the Monopoly scratch-off game along with four $50,000 prizes and seven $10,000 prizes. Another 300,000 smaller prizes from $20 to $5,000 are awaiting discovery as well.