Scratch-off Win Eases Laurel Man’s Gift-Giving Worries

With his daughter visiting from overseas, a Laurel man is on top of the world. His only concern – how to send her back to India with gifts enough for all of their extended family members. This tradition, which he admires, is one that threatened to empty his bank account until he tried his luck with a Maryland Lottery Dominoes scratch-off over the weekend.

The $30,000 top prize he won provides the solution to his worries!

The first thing the 55-year-old husband and father thought when he realized the size of the game’s prize was, “Thank you, Lord!” His daughter is home from a yearlong religious mission and will soon head back to India. The Prince George’s County resident said he very much wanted to send wonderful gifts with her for their extended family and can now afford to do so.

“They look after her while she’s there, they send me updates and assurances that she is well,” he said. “They’re just lovely people.”

The manager of several Prince George’s County convenience stores, the happy dad reports that he buys Lottery tickets several times a week. He really enjoys playing Pick 3 and Pick 4. “I was in a High’s store on Saturday and had the sudden urge to play a scratch-off,” he said. “I see them all of the time but almost never get them. I recognized the tickets they had there, except for Dominoes, so that’s the one I picked.”

High’s #48 at 1624 Annapolis Road in Odenton carried his winning scratch-off. For selling the top-prize instant ticket in the $3 game, the Anne Arundel County business will earn a $300 bonus from the Lottery. Dominoes debuted in June and safeguarded its $30,000 top prizes so well our Laurel player is the first to find one. Seven top prizes remain.