Scratch-off Win Eases Woman’s Water-Damage Woes

Sharon Todd - 10x Cash_web

A $10,000 Maryland Lottery 10x Cash scratch-off win will enable Sharon Todd of Brooklyn to replace water-ruined furniture and other items in her basement apartment.

Claims top-tier $10,000 prize playing a 10x Cash instant ticket

The torrential rains that flooded Baltimore in August did not spare the basement apartment of Sharon Todd of Brooklyn. The loyal Maryland Lottery scratch-off player was fretting over how to afford to replace everything from waterlogged carpet to the soggy sofa.

“I had just gotten off the phone with my daughter because she was giving me her old computer speakers to replace my damaged ones,” the Baltimore resident said. “I figured I’d go to the store to see if I could buy other items that were damaged.” Before shopping, the 53-year-old stopped at Shahverdi’s Liquors at 6719 Chesapeake Center Drive in Glen Burnie to pick up a few scratch-offs.

“The only good luck I had been having was on scratch-off tickets,” Sharon said. “I had won $50 first, then I had a $75 winner off another scratch-off ticket, then a $350 one and a few $25 winners.” She had no idea that her scratch-off winning streak was about to peak. Sharon followed her intuition and bought a 10x Cash scratch-off despite the fact that she rarely buys $10 tickets. To her shock, she won the top-tier $10,000 prize.

“At first, I knew I had won something big but I wanted to make sure so I asked the clerk to scan it. The scanner told me I had to come here to Lottery headquarters to redeem my prize,” she said, chuckling. “After she (the clerk) told me that, I lost it in the store. I screamed and jumped up and down. The poor clerk had to do everything in her power to get me off the ceiling.”

In addition to refurbishing her apartment, Sharon plans to use some of her prize to attend her stepdaughter’s wedding in Florida and pay bills. The 10x Cash scratch-off has six top-tier prizes remaining at Maryland retailers.