Scratch-off Win Makes Painter’s Summer Instantly More Colorful

Greenbelt man claims $50,000 prize 

A Prince George’s County resident who began playing Maryland Lottery scratch-offs four years ago had his best and biggest day over the weekend. The 38-year-old, who reports winning many times, said he was thrown for a loop by finding a $50,000 prize on the $2,000,000 Richer game.

The house painter picked the game because he liked its look! Once the shock of winning wore off, the Greenbelt man said his Lottery luck at Zip In Food Mart in Hyattsville left him as happy as he can remember being.

“I was gassing up my truck when I saw the $2,000,000 Richer ticket in the display,” he said. Despite buying scratch-offs several times a week, the loyal player had not noticed the $30 game before. “I probably skipped over it because it costs more than the tickets I usually buy. For some reason, it caught my eye this time.”

Scratching his instant ticket off later at home, the lucky player was stunned to see his $50,000 match. “I didn’t believe it.  I just sat there for a few minutes looking at it again and again. Then, I showed my girlfriend. She didn’t believe it either.”

A visit to a nearby Lottery retailer to verify the big win dismissed all doubts. “We had a great weekend because of this,” he said, noting they didn’t get much sleep but enjoyed “lots of celebrating.”

The $2,000,000 Richer instant ticket from Zip In Food Mart at 3599 East West Highway will finance his purchase of a new work truck. “I’ll be able to get more done better and faster with a new truck,” he said. “I’ve been trying to figure out how I was going to get one for most of the year.”

His second-tier win is the second of eight $50,000 prizes the game has shared with players.  Also still awaiting discovery are four $2,000,000 top prizes.