Scratch-off Win Sending Elkridge Newlyweds on Overdue Honeymoon

Claim $10,000 prize on Million Dollar Spectacular game

222-Million-Dollar-Spectacular-ITVMHoneymoon, here we come! A 43-year-old Elkridge woman happily claimed her $10,000 prize on a Million Dollar Spectacular scratch-off, saying she and her husband can now pack their bags and enjoy a long overdue honeymoon.

The lucky woman bought her $20 Maryland Lottery scratch-off at Lucky’s Food & Deli at 7300 Washington Boulevard in Elkridge.

“I decided to scratch the ticket the next morning,” she said. “To my shock, staring back at me, was $10,000! After I realized I had won, I immediately ran and showed my husband. We were both in a kind of shock, to be perfectly honest.”

Married a little over a year, the scratch-off players have won a little here and a little there but never this much. They plan to spend the prize on bills and their honeymoon. “We’ll probably drive to Williamsburg for the week or something,” she said. “This is such a blessing for us being a new couple and just starting our futures together.”

The Million Dollar Spectacular scratch-off debuted in December and has two $1 million top prizes, five $50,000 prizes and 20 $10,000 prizes remaining, along with thousands of prizes from $20 to $5,000.