Scratch-off Win Turns ‘Dining Out’ into ‘Carryout’

Winners - Lisa Jacobs & David Fisher

A shocking $50,000 top-prize win before dinner arrived had Lisa Jacobs and David Fisher asking for carryout.

Enjoying scratch-offs as an appetizer while awaiting the main course at restaurants is standard fare for Lisa Jacobs and David Fisher of Baltimore. After picking out a $5 Bingo Plus game from nearby Maiden Choice Liquors, the couple went to a restaurant, ordered dinner and began scratching away. They were anticipating the arrival of their dinner, not Lottery riches, and certainly not the top-prize win that appeared.

“Honey, I think we just won $50,000,” David remembers whispering to Lisa. When their dinner did arrive, the two were still so shocked over the big scratch-off win they asked to have dinner packed up to take home.

“We were just too nervous to eat,” Lisa said. “We just had to get out of there.”

They returned to the liquor store at 1064 Maiden Choice Lane to confirm that the instant ticket they purchased earlier was indeed a top-prize winner. The clerk’s reaction was all they needed to see.  “He was as surprised as we were. All he could say was, ‘Oh, my goodness.’ ”

That confirmation had a profound effect on Lisa and David. “We sat in the car, right there in the parking lot, for almost an hour. We didn’t say too much at all. It was all just too much, certainly too much to be able to drive straight home.”

A major home repair project tops the Baltimore couple’s to-do list. “Lisa has been saying for a few weeks now that she wants the bathroom redone before Thanksgiving,” David said. “I wasn’t sure we could afford what she had in mind. I’d been looking into getting a loan earlier this week.” Thanks to the Bingo Plus win, no loan needed!

The $50,000 prize they claimed last week was the fifth that Bingo Plus players have discovered since the game’s debut in September 2017. Two top prizes remain in the $5 game along with four $10,000 prizes.

Maiden Choice Liquors is also seeing green! For selling a $50,000 top-prize scratch-off, the Baltimore store earns a bonus of $500 from the Lottery.