Scratch-off Win Unlocks Door to Bathroom Renovations

$10,000 prize makes project possible for Dundalk couple

An energy drink and a Maryland Lottery scratch-off were a winning combination for a Dundalk woman, who still has a spring in her step after she won $10,000 on a lucky purchase at a Royal Farms in Baltimore.

The winner, who works in the insurance industry, has already earmarked her prize from the 50x The Cash scratch-off for a home renovation project. She and her husband have financed many home improvements with the big scratch-off prizes he won in years past. This time, the bathrooms will get updates, they said. His previous wins of $50,000 and $10,000 made his trip to Lottery headquarters to help her claim her prize a routine journey.

Their Lottery play styles are very different. While her husband is an avid scratch-off fan, she only plays once or twice a year. While he buys multiple scratch-offs, she purchased only one instant ticket during her visit to Royal Farms #71. The 50-year-old frequents that store, located at 8235 Eastern Avenue in Baltimore, because it is convenient. Her husband said all of his big wins have come from Royal Farms stores in the region, so he visits different locations when buying scratch-offs.

The day our happy winner bought her ticket and brought it home, she scratched it off and set it aside without even realizing she won. “My husband came behind me and looked at it and said, ‘Do you know you won?’” she reported.

Want to try your luck with the $10 game? It’s still packed with winning tickets. Players can look for the six unclaimed $100,000 top prizes, 10 $50,000 prizes and 27 more $10,000 prizes. A member of the Multiplier family of scratch-off games, the 50x The Cash instant ticket is joined by 5x the Cash, 10x The Cash, 20x The Cash and 100x The Cash instant tickets.