Search for Car Part Tunes Up Mechanic’s Bank Account

Arnold man wins second-tier prize on Lottery’s Lucky Millionaire game

Lucky MillionaireAn Anne Arundel County resident who works on boats for a living switched gears last weekend to repair his wife’s car. Realizing that he was missing a vital part, the marine mechanic headed out to find a replacement and ran right into his lottery luck.

“I saw a store that I knew sold Lottery tickets and just had that sudden urge (to play),” said the 45-year-old husband and father. That perfectly placed Lottery retailer was Fishpaws Marketplace at 954 Ritchie Highway in Arnold. Our winner bought the Lucky Millionaire scratch-off because of his online research. While visiting the Lottery website the Arnold resident noticed that the game still had seven unclaimed top-prize and second-tier winning tickets. He spotted the scratch-off at the retailer and bought it.

“I scratched it in my truck and when I saw the first $5,000 I was thrilled, just amazed,” he said. Additional scratching revealed additional winnings, bringing his total prize to $50,000 on the $20 ticket.

“My family was out of town so I had no one to celebrate with,” he said. “It’ll be great when they return – we’ll have a heck of a night.”

He plans to spend the $50,000 prize on medical bills and his daughter’s college fund. “Just last week my wife and I talked about these bills, that we didn’t know how we’d be able to manage them. Now I know!”

The Lucky Millionaire game debuted earlier this year. It still has two $1 million top-prize-winning tickets and four $50,000 second-tier scratch-offs awaiting discovery in area stores.