Season Ticket Holder Wins $10,000 Scratch-off Prize at Ravens Game

$10K and Ravens Raymond Bolt web

Ravens season ticket holder and Ocean City resident, Raymond Bolt, wins $10,000 scratch-off prize while tailgating.

Purchases Ravens scratch-off while tailgating

Raymond Bolt has a routine he follows for every Ravens home game. The season ticket holder travels from his home in Ocean City to Baltimore for the game. While tailgating, he always purchases two $5 Ravens scratch-offs from the representative walking around selling the Lottery ticket. He followed his routine this past Sunday, but had a very different ending.

“I scratched the ticket, saw a $500 winner and thought that was great,” said the 50-year-old, who owns a flooring company. “I kept scratching and thought I won $3,000, which was even better. It wasn’t until I talked to my daughter that I realized it was a $10,000 winner.”

At the game, the excited winner bought his buddies a round of drinks. Bolt joked that he would use his winnings to pay off the bar tab. He also called his wife, who wasn’t with him at the game, to share the news.

The couple, who have a timeshare near Disney World, will use some of their windfall towards an already planned trip to Florida.

The $5 Ravens ticket launched in July alongside a $2 Ravens scratch-off. The $5 game still has three $100,000 top prizes that are unclaimed, along with four $50,000 prizes, four more $10,000 prizes, and thousands of additional prizes ranging from $5 to $1,000.  The $2 Ravens ticket offers a top prize of $20,000. All non-winning $2 and $5 Ravens tickets are eligible for the Lottery’s Ravens second-chance contests, where prizes include cash and season tickets.  For rules and details on the Ravens second-chance promotion, visit