Second-choice Scratch-off Yields First-choice $30,000 Top Prize

Geraldine Faith of West Virginia picked a winner with her second choice of a Bonus Crossword instant ticket worth $30,000.

West Virginia woman finds luck playing Bonus Crossword game

Geraldine Faith of West Virginia faced a wealth of options after discovering that her Maryland Lottery retailer in Hagerstown was out of her favorite scratch-off games. She picked up several instant tickets as her second choice and wound up with a first-rate Bonus Crossword prize! The lucky lady scratched off a top-prize win in the $3 game, matching 10 words for a $30,000 top prize.

Her early morning purchase took place last week while most people were waking up. Geraldine ended her shift at the Hagerstown Sam’s Club and headed home. On the way, the Hedgesville resident stopped by the AC&T store to pick up a treat for herself. The store didn’t have any of her favorite scratch-offs so she settled for a $10 WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET™ and the Bonus Crossword scratch-off. As she scratched, a bit of Lottery luck came Geraldine’s way. First, she won $100 on her WILLY WONKA GOLDEN TICKET and then won the top prize on her Bonus Crossword scratch-off!

The lucky winner said she’s happy her store was out of the scratch-offs she usually plays. She’s also happy with her new Lottery windfall. She told Lottery officials that the $30,000 prize will help her pay off some bills and perhaps purchase a new car.

The location of Geraldine’s lucky win was AC&T #190 located at 16504 Virginia Avenue in Hagerstown. For selling the winning scratch-off, the lucky retailer earns a retailer bonus of $300, equal to 1 percent of the $30,000 prize.

There are still five unclaimed top prizes on this game, which went on sale across the state on Feb. 25. More than $600,000 in prizes of $3 to $5,000 are also awaiting discovery.