Second Sight: Reading Glasses Clarify Scratch-off Results

“Chocolate Chip” enjoyed a sweet $30,000 top-prize win on the Ca$hingo scratch-off.

Baltimore woman wins $30,000 Ca$hingo scratch-off’s top prize

A Baltimore woman was getting misty-eyed recalling the details of her recent magic moment with Lottery luck. A pair of reading glasses and a well-timed call to the Maryland Lottery helped clarify a puzzling instant ticket that resulted in a $30,000 Ca$hingo scratch-off win.

The lucky 54-year-old, who wishes to remain anonymous, chose the nickname “Chocolate Chip” while discussing the sweet details of her big win. She told Maryland Lottery officials that she bought the $3 Ca$hingo scratch-off from a local city retailer because it looked like her favorite bingo games. Ca$hingo combines a bingo and crossword puzzle style of play into an extended-play scratch-off.

After “Chocolate Chip” scratched her instant ticket, she became puzzled about whether she’d won. Misplaced reading glasses complicated the issue. When she visited her local retailer, the puzzled player knew a call to the Lottery was her next step. The clerk handed the instant ticket back after scanning it and said Lottery officials would explain the rest to her.

“Chocolate Chip” dutifully called the Lottery and spoke with a representative. “He was helpful and very patient with me while I hunted for my glasses to read him the information on the ticket,” the winner said.

The Lottery official confirmed her $30,000 win. Then, the only thing obscuring her vision was tears. “When he told me I had won, I just wanted to cry,” she explained.

“Chocolate Chip” said she will use the $30,000 prize to pay off some bills and make a deposit into her savings account.

She found her winning ticket at YNS Check Cash located at 2101 East Monument Street in Baltimore. The lucky city retailer will earn a $300 bonus from the Lottery for selling the top-prize Ca$hingo scratch-off. The game, which launched in June, still has four $30,000 top prizes remaining.