Second Thought Leads to Pasadena Woman’s First Big Win

Hits 100k top prize on Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-off

Red Line Bingo TriplerA Pasadena woman was having second thoughts about her normal scratch-off purchase as she made her final selections at the liquor store. As she checked out, a gut feeling took over and she purchased two Red Line Bingo Tripler scratch-offs. Little did she know, one of those tickets was a $100,000 top prize winner.

The woman went home, turned on the news and waited for her favorite soap operas to come on. As she was scratching her ticket, the 56-year-old noticed she had scratched a single bingo line signifying a $50 win. She continued to play and watched in amazement as an entire “X” representing a $100,000 win appeared.

“I couldn’t believe I had won, I instantly started to get heart palpitations” said the winner, obviously still shaken. Excited and nervous from her win, she immediately called her son to fill him in on the good news. “I thought something bad had happened because she told me to immediately come home” said her son who had accompanied her in to Lottery headquarters. “I turned around and here mom is out in the driveway waving me down!”

The win comes a few days after the woman’s husband had taken ill. “I prayed for good things and look what happened” said the winner. Since her prayers have been answered, she plans on sharing the wealth with her family as well as celebrating the win at a casino with her sisters. The winner plans to go back to her lucky Lottery retailer Phelps Liquors located at 4447 Mountain Road in Pasadena.