Second Ticket Blues Inspires $50,000 Scratch-off Win

$30 instant ticket delivers big prize for out-of-state player

A scratch-off player from Pennsylvania isn’t singing the second-ticket blues any longer. Lottery luck turned his sad frown upside down by giving him a $50,000 prize when he repeated his attempt to win big playing the Maryland Lottery’s $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-off.

The Sidman, Pa. resident bought his first $30 scratch-off in the game from Dash In #15521 in Upper Marlboro. The 54-year-old won $100 on that scratch-off and returned to the store only to learn that luck had struck just behind the ticket he purchased. The next player’s $500 win dwarfed the out-of-state player’s $100 prize.

The property manager was traveling between sites when he returned to his lucky store at 15501 Marlboro Pike in Prince George’s County. Determined to give the game another try, the optimistic player bought one $2,000,000 Fortune instant ticket. He scratched it off while sitting in his vehicle outside the store. This time, to his delight, he uncovered a $50,000 prize that took his luck to a new high-water mark. “This is the luckiest I’ve ever been,” he said with a smile.

The happy player made phone calls to his wife and his co-workers before heading straight to Lottery headquarters to claim his prize. He plans to use the winnings to pay down his home mortgage and take a trip.

Could you be the next winner of a $2,000,000 Fortune scratch-off prize? Lots of large prizes remain in the game, which went on sale in February as the Lottery’s first $30 instant ticket. Players can hunt for four $2 million prizes, nine more $50,000 prizes and thousands of others ranging from $30 to $5,000.