Second Time’s the Charm

Couple Wins $50,000 Playing Bonus Match 5

Russell EberweinRussell Eberwein and his wife like to play games. They play numerous Lottery games and often visit casinos in neighboring states. But, the couple had never played Bonus Match 5 until this past Friday. When they played for just the second time on Sunday, they won $50,000.

“I told my wife that luck was on the way and that we should try a different game to play,” said Russell, a maintenance man at John Hopkins University. “So, we played Bonus Match 5, but didn’t win initially.” On Sunday, Russell was supposed to go back out to purchase another ticket, but fell asleep. His wife ended up buying the ticket herself.  “She never does that,” he said.  “So, when I got up, I checked the numbers for her.”

The winner thought that his wife had a fake ticket and that it was a joke. When they confirmed that the win was for real, the two screamed in excitement prompting their two grown children to see what was wrong. “My son thought we were arguing,” Russell said, laughing.

Before he does anything out of the ordinary with his winnings, Russell wants to pay off some bills. “My wife said I should get that motorcycle that I have always wanted.” he said. “We’ll see.”

The winning ticket was purchased at the Royal Farm Store located at 379 Conowingo Rd. in Conowingo.