Senior Parlays $11 Scratch-off Wins into $40,000 Lottery Prize

Wins with Prize Line Bingo Instant Ticket

Prize Line BingoA Brookeville woman had just come back from a trip to Florida and was settling in when she came across a few unclaimed scratch-offs worth $11. Deciding that a quick trip to the store was in order, the 78-year-old grabbed her tickets and took them to the Olney Shell.

Once there, she parlayed her small wins into a $40,000 top-prize scratch-off win.

The mother of six picked out a Prize Line Bingo instant ticket and began scratching. The last of the four bingo cards on the $3 ticket revealed the $40,000 top prize, completely shocking her. “I showed the clerks and they told me I needed to sign the back immediately,” she recalled.

After signing the ticket, the jubilant winner called her son who lives nearby to ask if he would drive her to Lottery headquarters in Baltimore so she could claim her ultimate bingo win. They were soon on their way.

“I’ve only told two of the kids so far,” the Montgomery County woman said. “I’ll tell the rest soon.”

The mother-son pair enjoyed the shared experience of claiming a Maryland Lottery top prize. Her son happily snapped pictures of the Winner’s Lounge as his mother reveled in her win. The lucky lady plans to stay mobile with her winnings and spend some of her cash on four new tires for her car. She nabbed the last top prize on the ticket and found her big bingo win at the Olney Shell at 18040 Georgia Avenue in Olney.