Sentimental Journey Leads to $250,000 Mega Millions Prize

Claims second-tier win from March 20 drawing

A very grateful 69-year-old arrived at Lottery headquarters today, nearly three weeks after discovering that she was $250,000 richer. Surrounded by family members, the mother-of-two described purchasing her single Mega Millions ticket and explained why she waited so long to arrive at Lottery Headquarters. “Today marks one year since my husband died and it is also my Dad’s birthday” she said. “I knew I wanted to share this moment with family on this day.”

Her devotion to family also played a key role in her winning Mega Millions play. “It was the first day of spring and I was thinking about my husband,” said the woman. “I found one dollar in my back pocket and filled out a ticket with my family members’ birthdays and an anniversary.”

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A couple of days later while at work, the winner pulled up the winning numbers on the computer and began to check them. She thought the numbers looked familiar, so she jotted them down and quickly called her sister. “I think I won the Lottery,” she said. The two of them began to check the numbers together. As one called out the numbers, the other said, “Yeah. Yeah. Yeah…” This continued until, the happy winner shouted, “Bingo!” Her sister responded, “You go girl.” The news was soon shared with the rest of the close-knit family, as will be the winnings. “This is for them, this is a family gift,” said the woman. “I intend to do with this money whatever my family needs. They are wonderful – they give me something money can’t buy.”

The winning ticket was purchased at Murphy’s Brass Rail, located at 8103 Hog Neck Rd. in Pasadena.

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