Severn Man Rides to Lottery Riches

Isaac Gonzalez-Corchado - Ravens Cash Fantasy

Isaac Gonzalez Corchado’s plans for his $250,000 win on a Ravens Cash Fantasy
scratch-off ticket include entering the real estate business in Puerto Rico.

Wins $250,000 Instantly on Ravens Cash Fantasy Scratch-off

Out for a long bike ride, a Severn man began thinking about taking a break when he remembered his route went past a convenience store that sold cold drinks, energy bars and lottery tickets. A frequent player, Isaac Gonzalez Corchado stopped for refreshments and bought a Ravens Cash Fantasy scratch-off ticket – one of the few left in stores – and, in a matter of moments, as his cousin put it, “his life changed.”

“I couldn’t believe what I was looking at,” Isaac told Lottery officials. “I think I stared at the ticket for a full 10 minutes before asking the clerk to confirm what I was seeing.” In shock, he pedaled home as fast as he could to share the news. “I called my mom – she didn’t believe me.”

In addition to his excitement, which was still evident when he arrived at the Lottery Claims Office, Isaac admits feeling worn out. “I’ve barely eaten since yesterday morning and barely slept last night.” So anxious was he to claim his prize that he woke up everyone in the house very early the morning after his win to come with him to Baltimore.

With family and property in Puerto Rico, Isaac has long had a dream to enter the real estate business there. His $250,000 win will allow him to pay off his debt, take care of his family and get a good start on his dream. His cousin, who accompanied Isaac, told officials, “Last week, he was talking about finding a part-time job on top of his full-time job because he couldn’t keep up with the bills. What a great time for this to happen for him.”

Isaac’s bike led him to the Royal Farms store at 7843 Telegraph Road in Severn to find his luck. With better than 95 percent of tickets sold, Ravens Cash Fantasy still has one $250,000 winner in stores.