Severn Man Wins Taxes-Paid $50,000 Prize

Stephen Shamberger - $50,000 Taxes Paid

Severn resident Stephen Shamberger and his friend,
Jason, celebrate his Tax Free $50,000 win!

Takes home top-prize on Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off

Stephen Shamberger, from Severn, likes to relax after work by playing the Maryland Lottery.  He frequently stops at one of his favorite retailers, Ye Olde Farm Spirit Shop to purchase his tickets.  Yesterday, he decided to try the new Tax Free $50,000 ticket.  After leaving the store, he headed home where he scratched the ticket and discovered he was a winner.  Initially, he thought it was only $5 and then, as he continued to scratch, the zeroes began to add up.

“I looked at the ticket and couldn’t believe it.  Next, I called my buddy to have him look at it,” said Shamberger.  His friend, Jason, glanced over the ticket and immediately confirmed the $50,000 win.  After that, the celebration began.

Stephen, who has been a Verizon tech for 25 years, plans to pay some bills, purchase some home improvements and share some with friends and family.  The winning ticket was purchased at Ye Olde Farm Spirit Shop on 2602 Annapolis Road in Severn.  The Maryland Lottery pays the estimated taxes for the top prize on the Tax Free $50,000 scratch-off.  The ticket still has six top-prizes remaining.