Severn Retiree Doubted $50,000 Maryland Lottery Win

Still Stunned Over Success Playing Bonus Match 5

A retired Anne Arundel County maintenance coordinator visited Maryland Lottery Headquarters today with a Bonus Match 5 ticket that all evidence suggested was good for a $50,000 win. He’d looked up the winning numbers. He’d compared them to the numbers on his ticket. He’d consulted the game rules. Everything he saw told him that he’d won, but he was still dubious.

“Now that I’m here and you haven’t thrown me out, I’m finally sure it’s true,” the Severn man admitted to Lottery officials. He plays frequently and is on a lucky roll that began with a $5,000 Pick 4 win earlier this year. “I love to play and especially love to win, but I didn’t really expect anything like this.”]

As is his habit, the 70-year-old winner purchased his Bonus Match 5 ticket early in the day last Wednesday and watched for the winning numbers to appear on TV after the evening drawing. “I write the numbers down to check them against my tickets. When I saw the matches, I was sure that I’d written them down incorrectly.” A trip to his neighborhood lottery retailer confirmed that he was a $50,000 winner!

The retiree plans to take care of a hospital bill and may invest in a new car. “This win will mainly just make everyday life a little easier for me.” He crossed paths with lottery luck at the Cigarette Depot at 7800 Parke West Drive in Glen Burnie.