Severna Park Family Enjoys Two Powerball Wins

$50K Powerball James NelsonJames Nelson of Severna Park played the same set of lucky numbers he gave his mom for the Jan. 6 Powerball drawing. He won $50,000!

Mother and son each win $50,000

When his mother asked the family to give her some good numbers for her Powerball tickets recently, James Nelson had a very lucky answer. Both mother and son played his numbers in the Jan. 6 drawing and both are $50,000 richer for it!

James, a 19-year-old intern with a sales business, and his mom were caught up in the Powerball mania that swept the country for the last two weeks. After supplying his mother with his lucky numbers, the Severna Park man decided to play them for himself.

“I knew that when they won for her she wouldn’t give me a dime,” he said, jokingly. “So, I got one more ticket with those same numbers.”

Checking the results the next day, James couldn’t believe his eyes. He called his mom when he finally accepted that five of his numbers had been drawn – four among the white balls and the Power Ball.

“I was jumping up and down as I told her that we’d each won $50,000,” said the Anne Arundel County resident. It took a few minutes to convince his mother that he wasn’t joking. “I could hear in her voice, eventually, how happy she was. It’s been a pretty good few days for our family.”

His mother has not yet officially claimed her prize.

James plans to invest a good chunk of his winnings and put the rest into savings. Maybe he’ll buy stock in the Macy’s Corner Exxon at 518 Ritchie Highway in Severna Park, a business that paid off big for him when it sold him the lucky Powerball ticket.