Severna Park Man Becomes Maryland’s Newest Multi-Millionaire

$4.45 Million Multi-Match Jackpot Win

John Obradovic - $4.45M Multi-MatchRecently retired and winding down, John Obradovic was ready to start the next chapter of his life.  Last Friday, at the Lottery Claim Center, his plans for that next chapter suddenly changed when he handed in a $4.45 million winning Multi-Match ticket.

The Severna Park resident matched all of Thursday night’s Multi-Match numbers to become Maryland’s newest millionaire. The winner, who sold automotive equipment for 45 years, was watching TV Friday morning when the winning numbers were shown. He quickly wrote the numbers down and continued on with his everyday routine.  At some point after breakfast, he compared his tickets to his scribbled numbers.  First line – nothing.  Second line – nothing.  Third line – wait a minute.

“I ran to the computer to check the winning numbers online to be sure,” John told officials.  “Everything matched.  I sat there not knowing what to do.”  With a calmness that surprised even him, he stuck to the schedule he had for the day, betraying not the slightest hint of excitement to anyone he encountered.  It wasn’t until he was leaving Lottery Headquarters that his reserve slipped — the smile got wider and the happiness began breaking through.  “Dreaming of winning big money had always been just that, until now,” said John.  “I now have that extra ‘cushion’ we all hope for in our retirement years.”

Multi-Match luck struck John at Waterbury Liquors at 1021 Generals Hwy. in Crownsville.