Severna Park Mom Uses Son’s Lucky Numbers for Family Win

$50K PB Lucky Star web IMG_3829“Lucky Star” and her son played the same Powerball numbers and each won $50,000!

‘Lucky Star’ takes home $50,000 Powerball prize

A 46-year-old Severna Park woman had quite a story to share with Lottery officials about her attempt to win the Powerball jackpot on Jan. 6. According to the winner, playing her daughter’s birthday and her son’s random numbers led her to her $50,000 prize.

The television researcher said the family was celebrating her daughter’s 16th birthday on Jan. 6 when they began discussing the rising Powerball jackpot. At the time, the jackpot for Jan. 6 was $500 million. The lucky player said she came up with 20 different number combinations to play on a ticket when her son intervened.

“He said, ‘You’re wasting your time, I have the numbers right here,’ ” she shared. “So, I wrote them down.”

Thinking about her daughters 16th birthday being on the sixth in the year 2016 gave our “Lucky Star” an idea. Maybe, she thought, the numbers meant something and this could be her lucky day. Off she went to Dawson’s Liquors at 589 B&A Boulevard in Severna Park to play her numbers as well as the digits her son mentioned. She didn’t know that her son had played the numbers, too.

The mother of three watched the Powerball drawing that night. Because she did not recognize the first three numbers she played, she turned off the TV and went to sleep. She had no idea her son’s numbers matched four of the white balls and the Power Ball.

The son figured his mom would play his numbers and he called her early the next morning.

“All I heard was, ‘Mom, we won’,” said the lucky woman. “He knew I would play, but I didn’t realize he played too.” That’s right! Her son played the same numbers and also won $50,000. He has already claimed his prize.

“You know, I am just really happy and grateful,” said the Anne Arundel County resident. “Lucky Star” plans to pay bills with her prize.