Sheetz Run is Good as Gold for Hagerstown Man

Wins $50,000 Bankroll Buck$ scratch-off prize

A Washington County player calling himself the “Golden Horseshoe” has always had a bit of luck with scratch-offs, but nothing quite like his recent win. The Hagerstown man managed to pick up both a couple of sandwiches and a $50,000 scratch-off prize on a quick takeout run.

When his wife had a craving for a takeout meal, the construction worker sprang into action. He knew just the place to go and headed to their local Sheetz for some made-to-order food. While waiting for his order, the 31-year-old saw the new $10 Bankroll Buck$ scratch-off and thought he’d give the game a try. He purchased one and headed to the car with his sandwiches.

The husband scratched off his instant ticket as he walked. He first revealed the five winning numbers and then worked his way down the instant ticket looking for a match or an emblem. When he revealed a 5X emblem, “Golden Horseshoe” stopped in his tracks and held his breath as he revealed the prize amount beneath the emblem. It was $10,000! He had won one of the game’s second-tier $50,000 prizes!

Stunned by the win, he hopped into his car and called his wife. Despite his previous bouts of Lottery luck, she still didn’t believe his good news.

“I had been telling her that I felt like the big one was right around the corner. I really meant it and I guess she thought I was joking around. She didn’t believe it until I got home with the food,” said the winner.

“Golden Horseshoe” says the windfall will help the couple pay off a few bills such as a loan and the car and make plans for the future. “2020 had been so bad, it was really nice to start the year with something good like this,” said the winner.

He bought his winning scratch-off at Sheetz #464 located at 191 Eastern Boulevard North in Hagerstown. He claimed the first $50,000 second-tier prize on the Bankroll Buck$ scratch-off. The game, which hit store shelves on Dec. 28, features six unclaimed top prizes of $100,000, eight more unclaimed $50,000 prizes as well as more than 680,000 prizes ranging from $10 to $10,000.