Siblings’ Lucky Numbers Lead to $48,024 Keno Prize

Pair matches nine of 10 numbers on a 20-draw bet

An Anne Arundel County brother and sister spend a lot of time together when they are at work and when they play Maryland Lottery games. Now, they can add winning together to their list of sibling accomplishments after claiming their first big Keno prize. Playing a new set of numbers paid off with a $48,024 win.

“We just started playing these numbers this week and we’ve already won twice,” the sister said.

The fun started on Tuesday when they won $5,000. The prize got higher on Wednesday after they bought a 10-spot ticket with 20 Keno games at Lucky’s Superette in Odenton. Although they didn’t stay to watch the games, the siblings were together when they scanned the ticket and found out the prize was too large to claim at a Lottery retailer.

“We quickly left the store to decide what to do next,” said the brother.

The siblings matched nine of 10 numbers, which would typically pay $4,000. However, the pair had bet $3 per game and added the Super Bonus feature, which multiplied their winnings by four. In addition, they matched a few other numbers from other games on their ticket to bring the grand total to $48,024.

When asked who selected the winning numbers, the joking began.

“I did,” said the brother, with a smile. “I’m the brain power behind it.”

His sister quickly piped in to say, “Hey, I picked the four, so I had something to do with it, too.”

The generous pair plans to share their winnings with their family, which is how they split up prizes they win.

Lucky’s Superette, located at 1101 Odenton Road in Odenton, wins, too! For selling a winning Keno ticket of $10,000 or more, the Anne Arundel County store will receive a $480.24 bonus.