Silver Spring Carpenter Carves Up $100,000 Scratch-off Win

Finds his fortune playing Maximum Jackpot game

A 48-year-old carpenter from Silver Spring carved up quite a win for himself after playing a Maximum Jackpot scratch-off. He found a $100,000 fortune when he stopped at Hillandale Beer & Wine after work to buy a few instant tickets.

The Montgomery County resident immediately scratched off his tickets and realized he had captured the maximum prize in the $10 game. “I’m shocked, just totally shocked that I won that much money,” said the lucky carpenter, who has worked in his field for more than 11 years.

He’s won a few small amounts over the years and said this was his biggest prize to date. The happy player plans to use his winnings to pay down the mortgage on his home of 14 years, pay bills and treat himself to a nice vacation. “I’ve always liked Myrtle Beach so I think I’ll go there to celebrate with a few friends and family.”

Also a winner is his lucky retailer, Hillandale Beer & Wine. The Montgomery County store located at 10117 New Hampshire Avenue will receive a $500 bonus from the Lottery for selling a top-prize scratch-off in the game.

Maximum Jackpot debuted in May 2016 and still has one unclaimed $100,000 top prize and three more $10,000 prizes, in addition to thousands of other prizes ranging from $10 to $1,000.