Silver Spring Dad Drops off Daughter, Picks Up $50,000 Lottery Win

Montgomery County man wins big with Gold Rush X50 scratch-off

When you least expect it, you could be $50,000 richer! That’s exactly what happened to a Montgomery County man when he stopped at Hillandale Beer & Wine in Silver Spring.

After dropping his oldest daughter off at driving school, the father of three teenagers stopped at the Lottery retailer located at 10117 New Hampshire Avenue to buy scratch-offs. The Silver Spring resident and huge New York Giants fan scratched the winning Gold Rush X50 instant ticket off in the store. The 10-year Maryland Lottery player knew right away that he had won when he saw a “gold brick” symbol over a $1,000 prize. That symbol means you instantly win 50x the prize shown.

“Giant,” as the 45-year-old nicknamed himself for Lottery publicity, confirmed his big win on the retailer’s ticket scanner and signed the lucky $10 game. After he verified his Lottery luck three times, “Giant” called his wife and told her the great news. She was skeptical, and for good reason.

“My wife was like, ‘Are you sure? Bring it home so I can look at it,” said “Giant” while sharing a laugh with his wife in the Lottery’s Winner Circle. “There was this one time where we thought we won and we didn’t.”

“Giant” was so excited that time about his mistaken win that he packed his wife and kids into the car and took them on a ride to Lottery headquarters. When they got to the Lottery to pick up his money, it turns out that he had a non-winning ticket. His kids haven’t let him live it down.

“They always laugh about that story whenever I buy tickets. That’s why I double and triple check!” said “Giant,” laughing while holding his wife’s hand. “As soon as I walked through the door, my wife had the Lottery app open ready to check the ticket.”

The happy family plans to use the money to take a trip to El Salvador, which is “Giant’s” native country. This will be the first time our lucky winner’s mother will see her grandchildren in person, thanks to her son’s Gold Rush X50 prize.

The Gold Rush X50 instant ticket is part of the Gold Rush Family of Games that went on sale in May 2019. The Gold Rush X50 game has two $100,000 top prizes and four $50,000 prizes remaining. Other games in the family are the $1 Gold Rush X5, $2 Gold Rush X10, $5 Gold Rush X20 and $20 Gold Rush X100 scratch-offs. Strike gold with any of these exciting games and take home top prizes of $1,000 to $1 million!