Silver Spring Man wins $250,000 Using Siblings Ages

Claims Second-Tier Mega Millions Prize

Mega MillionsA Silver Spring man is thanking his family members for his recent $250,000 Mega Millions win. “If it wasn’t for my family, I wouldn’t have picked those numbers,” said the 32-year-old cardiology specialist.  All of the winning numbers for March 9th’s drawing came from his siblings’ ages who are 14-16-18-19 and 29.

The man, who was accompanied by his father to Lottery Headquarters, kept the ticket in his pocket for a week, unaware it was a winner. “I never win anything,” he said. “So, I figured there was no reason to check it right away.” It was the following Tuesday that he decided to have the ticket scanned at a Lottery retailer.  The clerk told him that the win was over $1,000.

But, it was his father who actually told him the amount of his prize. “I gave it to my father to keep. He found out how much I won and called me with the good news.” Once the winner found out that he was $250,000 richer, the son and dad duo planned their trip to Lottery Headquarters.

The happy winner plans to share his windfall with his family, pay bills, buy his dad a brand new Lexus and save the rest.  “Right now he is driving an Avalon that I had to jump-start yesterday,” the winner said with a smile.

The winning ticket was sold at the Excel Oil gas station, located at13455 New Hampshire Ave. in Silver Spring.