Silver Spring Man Wins Great Valentine’s Day Surprise

Edgar Palencia - Triple Payout

Edgar Palencia from Silver Spring celebrates his
$50K Triple Payout scratch-off win.

After a frigid day of clearing snow from parking lots for his job, Edgar Palencia, a 20-year-old landscaper from Silver Spring, decided to keep warm by getting a cup of coffee from a convenience store in Baltimore. Accompanied by a few of his co-workers, the group then decided to purchase some scratch-off tickets. Edgar scratched his way to a $50,000 Triple Payout scratch-off top prize.

“It was the first ticket of the day that I had purchased,” he said. “When I realized I had won, all I did was just check the ticket over and over. I was extremely happy.”

Edgar told Lottery officials that his win makes a great Valentine’s gift, especially since he just got engaged. “Since the wedding is pretty much set, we may take a little trip to North Carolina to visit family.” The lucky winner also said that he’d pay off the balance on his car and save the rest.

His winning ticket was purchased at the 7-11 Convenience Store on Reisterstown Road in Baltimore.