Silver Spring Player Scratches $50,000 Win on Ca$h Bonus Game

Down payment on a house is in the cards for Maryland Lottery fan

A Montgomery County man just won $50,000, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to stop playing the Maryland Lottery.

“It’s just for fun. Whatever comes, comes,” he said, while claiming his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore.

The anonymous Lottery fan’s favorite games are scratch-offs and Racetrax, and his $50,000 score was the first of nine second-tier prizes on the new $10 Ca$h Bonus scratch-off game. As of Sept. 1, seven of eight $100,000 top prizes remained unclaimed.

The Silver Spring winner summarized his outlook on life as “Every day is Christmas.” From there, a big Lottery win only makes life better. His previous top score was a $1,400 hit on Racetrax, which he said was great, but not as great as this scratch-off prize.

The 40-year-old plans to give some of his winnings to relatives, but most of the funds will go toward a down payment on a house. He also plans to keep playing the Lottery in hopes of continuing to have fun and possibly win an even bigger prize.

The lucky player bought his hot instant ticket at Fine Wine of Wheaton, located at 11211 Georgia Avenue in Silver Spring.