Silver Spring Security Guard Wins $50,000

Takes Home Bonus Match 5 Top Prize

Almost every day after getting off of the nightshift, a Silver Spring security guard stops at the Tastee Diner for breakfast.  His normal routine always consisted of playing a few dollars worth of scratch-offs while eating. Until just a couple of weeks ago when the 47-year-old decided to try Bonus Match 5 instead.

He has been playing a $6 Bonus Match 5 ticket each day since then, and it didn’t take long for it to pay off.  Within the first week, he hit for $400.  One week later, on May 26, the lucky winner had even more to celebrate.  He matched all five numbers, winning the $50,000 top prize.

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“When I checked the ticket, I couldn’t figure out how much I won,” he told Lottery officials, with a huge smile. After asking a few people, he took it back to the diner where the manager told him it was worth $50,000.  The manager also told him to sign the back of the ticket right away.  “It feels so good to win,” the lucky man kept saying.

The winner, who has worked for the same security company since 1998, hasn’t had a vacation in more than five years.  “I am definitely going to take a vacation,” he said.  With the rest, he plans to add a little bit extra to his next mortgage payment and help his family.  The winning ticket was purchased at Tastee Diner, located at 8601 Cameron St. in Silver Spring.