Silver Spring Woman Feared Loss of $30,000 Powerball Ticket

Andrea White - Powerball_webRelieved at finding the $30,000 winning Powerball ticket she feared she’d misplaced, Andrea White and her husband James came to Lottery headquarters to claim her prize.

Hours of panic conclude with happy ending

What a scare! Andrea White of Silver Spring waited more than 160 days to cash a $30,000 winning Powerball ticket and then, when she went looking for it, couldn’t find it!

The 47-year-old said she was in no rush to claim her prize from the Sept. 13 drawing. She placed the lucky ticket in a silver box that holds all of her important documents and that was that. Months passed. The day she went looking for her ticket in the box, however, she didn’t see it! Upset and in a panic, Andrea began tearing her bedroom apart looking for that important slip of paper. Several hours into her search the Montgomery County resident decided to recheck the box. Sure enough, the ticket was actually there the entire time. What a relief!

Powerball winners must claim their prize within 182 days of the drawing. Andrea and James, her husband of 11 years, brought that ticket right to Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore to claim their prize.

The story of her Lottery luck began last fall, when the couple arrived in Baltimore on Saturday, Sept. 13, for a morning meeting. They discovered they had time to go out for breakfast and, on their way back to the meeting, stopped at the 7-Eleven #22104 at 1120 East Cold Spring Lane in Baltimore for Powerball tickets. They let the terminal quick-pick their numbers and added Power Play. When Andrea checked her numbers that night after the drawing, she saw that the ticket matched four of the five white balls and the Powerball. Best of all, the Power Play multiplier of 3 tripled her prize!

“I couldn’t believe it,” Andrea said. She called her husband in to verify her win, which he did. This is a welcome win for the 18-year real-estate settlement processor because she can pay off debt and put the money toward a family cruise they had already planned.