Silver Spring Woman Wins $50,000 With Player’s Club Scratch-off

Gehnet Selishi - Players Club

As Genet Selishi waited for a particularly long traffic light on her way home yesterday, she remembered a Lottery ticket she’d bought earlier in the day.  The next few minutes made that routine drive quite memorable, thanks to the realization that $50,000 would soon be added to her bank account.

Mrs. Seleshi, a Silver Spring stay-at-home mom, was picking up some wine at a neighborhood store when she noticed their selection of instant tickets.  “I get them every once in a while, whenever I have some extra cash,” she told officials.  When she scratched her Player’s Club game she immediately knew she’d won, but she couldn’t tell just how many zeroes were in the prize.  “I thought it was $50, then $500.  I couldn’t really look until I arrived home.”

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Genet and her husband recently bought a new home.  The winnings will help cover many of those unforeseen costs that pop-up after such a purchase.  Genet’s now-favorite Lottery store is Quench Beer & Wine at 13423 New Hampshire Avenue in Silver Spring.