Single Dad Starts House Hunting After $50,000 Powerball Win

Bought lucky Quick-Pick ticket for Jan. 9 drawing

A single dad from Crownsville has house hunting on his to-do list after winning $50,000 in the Jan. 9 world record Powerball jackpot drawing.

The father of a 7-year-old bought two $10 tickets for the drawing at the urging of his relatives. “My parents were out of town and my dad said, ‘Go get a ticket, son,’” he recalled. The auto body shop manager followed the suggestion, but had to jump through a few hoops to accomplish his mission. Was it ever worth it!

He often takes his son to work with him so they can feed the goats and herd of sheep that live on a farm near his business. The Anne Arundel County resident was at work with his son on Jan. 9 and got ready to head out to buy Powerball tickets. Then, he realized he had no cash in his wallet!

“I had to go to the ATM,” he said, because the Maryland Lottery retailer he visited did not have a machine in the store. Once he had cash in hand, the 24-year-old then stopped at Benfield Wine & Spirits located at 401 Headquarters Drive in Millersville and bought his Powerball tickets.

Saturday night came and the hours flew by.

“I picked up my parents from the airport and put my son to bed,” he said. The winner and his dad were still awake when he realized it was after 11 p.m. and he could check the winning numbers. He looked online and was stunned when he saw he matched four numbers plus the Power Ball. “I’m like, ‘No way!’”

The lucky winner was one of seven Marylanders to win $50,000 in the Jan. 9 drawing. One Marylander won $1 million and three won $150,000. Because no one hit the world-record jackpot, it rolled and climbed to $1.4 billion as of Jan. 12, with the possibility of another increase before the Wednesday, Jan. 13 drawing.

Our winner put his ticket in a safe until he could claim his prize at Lottery headquarters in Baltimore. He plans to use his prize to make a down payment on a house. Both his sister and parents are “on the chase” for the jackpot, the happy dad said, and he may join them one more time, too!