Single Scratch-off Purchase Turns into $20,000 for Stevensville Couple

Claim top prize on Maryland Lottery’s High Card scratch-off

High CardA single Maryland Lottery ticket was all it took for a Stevensville woman and her husband to walk away big winners this month. For some reason, the $2 High Card scratch-off stood out to the woman, as if signaling that she should purchase it. The lucky woman is happy she followed her instincts since the ticket turned out to be a $20,000 winner!

The 38-year-old purchased her scratch-off several weeks ago, taking it home to check. She was completely stunned after scratching her ticket and discovering she held a winning hand. Her queen had beaten the dealer’s 10, resulting in the $20,000 top prize.

“As soon as I saw that I told my husband he had to look at it,” she explained to Lottery officials. “I don’t know what even made me get that ticket. I guess it was just because it looked so pretty.”

Together, the Queen Anne’s County couple confirmed that they had indeed won the big prize. They were so excited that they got in the car on Monday, Nov. 11, forgetting that state agencies close to observe Veterans Day. “We drove about an hour to get here and realized our mistake when we pulled in the parking lot,” her husband said, laughing.

“I kept the ticket in my purse this week until we could come back,” said the lucky lady. “It’s a good way to start our weekend.”

They plan to put the money into college funds for their three young children. “We haven’t told anyone yet, including our children, because it is such a small town. But this money will be for them,” she said.

She bought the $20,000 winning scratch-off at the Stevensville Citgo at 101 Duke St. in Stevensville. Four $20,000 top-prize winning tickets and three $5,000 second-tier winners are still undiscovered in Maryland stores.