Sister Act: Reuniting for Lunch Leads to Heaping Helping of Winning

Windsor Mill woman claims first $50,000 top prize on Super Bonus Bucks game

Catching up with family members can be rewarding — just ask the Windsor Mill woman who followed up a sisters’ lunch with a Super Bonus Bucks scratch-off for dessert. The 54-year-old found room for a heaping helping of winning, pocketing the first $50,000 top prize claimed in the $5 game!

Lottery luck came to her in Baltimore where the winner and her sister met for lunch. Having just returned from a long overseas stay to care for their ailing mother, the lucky sister had much to discuss. The women decided after lunch to try their luck with a scratch-off from nearby Lottery retailer Plaza Exxon.

The winner’s sister selected the Super Bonus Bucks instant ticket, which they each began to scratch right there in the Baltimore store. It wasn’t long before something unexpected and exciting happened. One number on the instant ticket matched a winning number. Underneath the number, the winner found the $50,000 prize.

The jet-lagged player and store clerk could hardly believe what had happened. “He told us that we were lucky and that the win was the highest they have ever had,” said the lucky sister.

The Baltimore County resident plans to send some of her prize to family members to aid in her mother’s care. She also will use a portion of her windfall to fix or replace her aging auto.

The lucky Lottery retailer also wins! For selling a top-prize Super Bonus Bucks scratch-off, Plaza Exxon located at 6816 Reisterstown Road in Baltimore will collect a $500 retailer bonus from the Lottery. The bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.