Sisters Horse Around after $15,473 Racetrax Win

Winners - Barbara Demeritte

Baltimore sisters Barbara Demeritte, right, and Judy Bell danced around the Lottery Winner’s Circle after Barbara collected her $15,473 Racetrax prize.

After Barbara Demeritte collected her $15,473 Racetrax prize at Maryland Lottery headquarters in Baltimore, she and her sister were ready to dance, and that’s just what they did. After gyrating for a few minutes and talking about her good luck, Barbara proclaimed, “I’m going to do the dance again tonight!”

The lucky Baltimore resident is a big Racetrax fan and plays regularly, shunning all other games.      “I love Racetrax,” Barbara said. “I like to see the horses when they’re moving!” The happy winner enjoys the animated animals’ noises and the sound of the announcer’s voice calling the race. And, it’s a safe bet that when the 56-year-old winner places a wager on Racetrax, she will not leave the Lottery retailer until after the race is run and she has had a chance to enjoy the spectacle.

Her sister Judy, meanwhile, preferred scratch-offs and the occasional casino excursion before Barbara’s big win. Judy is now a Racetrax convert.

As for plans for the proceeds of the payoff on the simulated ponies, Barbara has definite plans for her prize. “I’m going to enjoy every bit of it!” she said. More specifically, she is planning a crab cake dinner and particularly festive Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations. “I can buy the wine and the turkey,” Barbara said.

The loyal Racetrax fan has won prizes before in amounts up to about $600. A $3 single Trifecta Box bet she placed Sept. 25 on the high-odds combination of 10, 11 and 12 paid off handsomely. Also securing a tidy sum is Edgewood Liquors at 3302 Edgewood Street in Baltimore. For selling a winning Racetrax ticket of $10,000 or more, the store earns a 1 percent bonus from the Lottery. The $154.73 bonus is equal to 1 percent of the prize.