Sizzilin Spot Crossword Heats up a Top-Prize Win

$50,000 Win for Severn Man

David Gavigan - Sizzlin' Spot CrosswordSevern resident David Gavigan and his family were on their way to the eastern shore for a party yesterday when they decided to stop and purchase some scratch-offs. One of the Sizzlin’ Spot Crossword tickets turned out to be a $50,000 top-prize winner.

While at the store, he bought a total of 30 scratch-off tickets, all ranging in different prices.  David told Lottery officials that the retailer said, “Get one of those Sizzilin Spot Crossword tickets. They are really hot and we’ve had a lot of winners on that ticket.” He then took the tickets with him, and gave them to his wife to scratch.  “You won’t believe this, but I think we won $50,000,” his wife said as she handed him the ticket.

The lucky winner was previously half owner of the furniture store Gavigans.  He is currently starting his own truck & fleet repair business.  With his winnings, the father-of-four will donate $5,000 to the JEB Children’s Cancer Foundation, in remembrance of a close family friend who passed away from cancer.  He plans to use the rest of the money for a family vacation.  The winning ticket was purchased at Whitey’s Liquors in Linthicum.